Working Papers:

Group Size and Political Representation Under Alternate Electoral Systems [Download PDF Feb, 2018]
(with Sugat Chaturvedi (ISI Delhi))

 Efficiency Consequences of Affirmative Action in Politics: Evidence from India [IZA Discussion Paper Oct 2017]
(with Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay (ISI, Delhi) and Rajas Saroy (ISI, Delhi))

Whom are you doing a favor to? Political Alignment and Allocation of Public Servants [Download PDF April, 2017]
(with Gaurav Sabharwal (Princeton University))  

Efficacy of “Town Hall” Meetings in Electoral Democracy: Theory and Evidence from Indian Village Councils [Download PDF]  [Ideas for India]

Credit Groups, Women’s Political Engagement and Public Goods Provision [Download PDF]
(with Pushkar Maitra (Monash University) and Paromita Sanyal (Florida State University))  

Work in Progress:

Effect of Storage Capacity on Price Dynamics and Production: Evidence from India 
(with Gaurav Chiplunkar (Yale University) and Shivakumar Venkatraman (Yale University))

Political Economy of Third Party Interventions: Evidence from a World Bank Program in India
(with Souvik Dutta (IIM, Bangalore) and Abhirup Sarkar (ISI, Kolkata))  

Strategic Abstention and Candidate Quality in Repeated Elections
(with Johann Caro Burnett (Hiroshima University))  

Reelection Incentive and Public Good Provision: Evidence from India 
(with Craig Palsson (Naval Graduate School))